Seminars and Workshops

I lead workshops in various aspects of couple, parenting and family relationships. Some of the recent workshops have included:

The PREP Program (Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program): This is a 12 hour workshop for couples who are married or engaged. It deals with communication and other relationship skills and can benefit anyone in a long term relationship or considering one. It is usually held over 2 full days (10 to 5) or can be shortened to one and a half day or one full day. I am a certified PREP workshop leader.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Families: Based on the best selling book by Steven Covey. A full day workshop, which can be shortened to one half day or 2.5 hours. I trained to lead this workshop with its creators, the Coveys. It deals with how to create a beautiful family culture in this turbulent world. I am certified by Franklin Covey to lead their family and teen curriculum.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers: The 7 Habits workshop specially devised for teenagers. Is highly interactive and full of humour and fun.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People: This is a two-three hour seminar for individuals and gives an overview of Covey’s “7 Habits” format.

5 Golden Rules for Creating More Love: The title speaks for itself. I have developed this workshop mostly for couples but it will benefit you in all your relationships. It is about being proactive in your relationships. This is a two hour seminar.

“Too much of a Good Thing” - Raising Children of Character in an Age of Indulgence: This is a full day workshop but I have also presented it in a two-three hour format although that doesn’t give too much time for exercises and practice. It deals with parenting issues which are specially relevant today, specially on instilling values in children

Keeping Love Alive: How to maintain your relationship and love over time

Survival Skills for Healthy Families: This is a workshop (12 hours) for the whole family where everyone participates to improve relationships and enhance the family atmosphere.

The Art of Communication: 2 Hour workshop dealing with communication.

Talk More and Fight Less with your Family: A one or two hour workshop on how to create the kind of family you want

Talking to Your Teen: How does one talk to teenagers who only leave their room to eat and grunt and then retreat back? This workshop deals with leaving the lines of communication open during the turbulent adolescent years. It teaches skills for listening so that your children will talk to you and skills for talking so that they listen.

How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk: The name says it all – this is a pre marriage workshop for singles that are considering marriage in the near or distant future. It will teach you to make the most important decision in your life with your heart AND your head.

Home Organization for Stress Free Living: This is a mini seminar – about an hour long – dealing with how to set up your home and family life so that it functions well for your family and allows you plenty of time to do the things that you want to do apart from housework!

Raising Self Confidence and Confident Communication: This is a two part workshop that I did with women who deal with issues of self esteem and self confidence, who would like to learn how to communicate their thoughts and feelings articulately and with confidence.

The Extent of Parental Responsibility in Islam: This was a joint seminar with Maulana Rizvi after the Aqsa Parvaiz case. It is mostly about how you can best train and communicate with your child when they are living in a culture completely different from yours. And what do you do once you did everything and they still decided to take another path?

He says/She says: A short seminar on the different communication styles of the sexes. Can you communicate with men when they are from Mars and you are from Venus????

Detoxing your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul: This was the three day retreat. I have also presented the individual modules separately, specially the detoxing the Mind (positive thinking) and Detoxing the Heart (Forgiveness training)

Raising children with self confidence: Instilling self esteem and confidence in children

Bringing up children with TLC (Time, Limits and Caring): A four to six week positive and practical parenting program for parents of children aged 3-12 years.

For Children/ Teenagers

  1. 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
  2. Human Responsibility in Islam
  3. Friendship in Islam
  4. Building Self Confidence
  5. Be in charge of your own life!
  6. The 6 Most Important Decisions you will make in your life

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