3 ways to develop accomplishment (DW#998)

Like many other concepts in positive psychology, we can learn to develop a sense of achievement and accomplishment.

Here are three simple ways:

  1. Set yourself sub goals. Remember that larger goals can take longer to achieve and it is easy to lose motivation along the way. To sustain motivation, we need to set a series of smaller goals as markers and stepping stones towards our big goal. 
  2. Include values. When we hit roadblocks towards achievement there is one thing that keeps us going: reminding ourselves of why this matters. What is it in service of? So goals are more likely to be accomplished if they are linked to our values.
    When you savour your accomplishments, which ones really stand out as powerful motivators? This can be an indication of strong values which can be harnessed in future to set meaningful goals, achieving which will greatly add to our wellbeing.
  3. Adopt a growth mindset approach. It helps to remember that all mistakes are mis-takes – helping us learn what does not work. When we hit roadblocks and challenges, instead of self-criticism, it helps to remember that the path to success is filled with missteps, failures and approaches that did not work. The important questions to ask ourselves are what did I learn and what will I do differently next time.

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