Rinse and repeat(DW# 838)

Once you have established habits and know what you want to grow within yourself, what do you do next?


Simply "rinse and repeat".
For how long? Forever.
In modern times, we have come to believe things should be easy, that growth and self-mastery "should" be easy and effortless.


There is no evidence to support this.


Rituals, habits for personal effectiveness are practices, not projects.


(Of course, once we work to develop good habits, they can, to an extent, run on auto-pilot)


The good news is that when we practice them, we will live powerfully.


The bad news is that we will never be exonerated from doing the work.


When we consistently practice working out, we will be healthy. And when we stop, our health will decline. Not immediately perhaps. But certainly in the long run.


It appears that Ben Franklin recognized this.


He planned to work on his virtues one at a time, for 13 weeks and kept repeating this cycle...
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