Capacities Clamoring to Be Used(DW# 849)

"What one can be, one must be." Abraham Maslow
Maslow described the need to self-actualize as real as the need to breathe. In Toward a Psychology of Being, Maslow tells us that we have "capacities" that are "clamouring to be used."


"The muscular person likes to use his muscles, indeed, has to use them in order to self-actualize, and to achieve the subjective feeling of harmonious, uninhibited, satisfying functioning which is so important an aspect of psychological health. People with intelligence must use their intelligence, people with eyes must use their eyes, people with the capacity to love have the impulse to love and the need to love in order to feel healthy. Capacities clamor to be used, and cease their clamor only when they are used sufficiently."
LOVE this passage. Reminds me of what I want on my tombstone:
NOT: Full of potential.
What capacities do you have within YOU that are clamouring to...
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