Team up with an accountability(DW #831)

A most effective way to keep on track with your goals and plans is to buddy up with someone on the same path.


Just the idea of checking in with someone, sharing your goals and their progress is a powerful way to motivate yourself to keep at it.


How did Benjamin Franklin do this in his Moral Perfection Project?


He regularly consulted with a friend and discussed his progress. He was also writing his autobiography of course, in which he was sharing his process. The idea of sharing his successes and challenges no doubt motivated him to keep practicing what he wanted to nurture within himself.


So consider getting yourself an accountability buddy – whether it is a walking partner, someone you share what you are learning with or even a coach who keeps you accountable for the progress you are making on your goals.

Having a regular (even short) check-in/meeting with each other will keep you both motivated and on track.
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