Thank you and a change in direction for Daily... (DW#1000)

Did you notice the DW number? Yes, alhamdullilah we have made it to 1,000 posts of Daily Wisdom!
For those of you who are newer to the DW family, we started this journey about four years ago with an ambitious goal of writing a short, inspirational post which was both backed by science and research and yet practical and easy to implement in our daily lives in small steps.
There have certainly been ups and downs along the way  . . .the highs of getting a message from someone for whom it has been transformational …

And the lows of self-doubt, lack of inspiration, lack of motivation, exhaustion etc etc etc!

The only thing that has kept me going is YOU. Without you, there would be no Daily Wisdom.
And so, I am very grateful for your continued attention, support and gentle nudging on this journey and along the way. For all your messages telling me what it has meant to you and why I must keep going. For asking when it is starting again when I take breaks. For sharing how reading DW has become a valued part of your weekday ritual.
All this has continued to fill my heart with gratitude and inspiration and the motivation to keep going.
And now we are at 1,000 posts. THANK YOU!
It is with a huge mix of emotions that I am announcing that the daily part of the Daily Wisdom is coming to an end.

For those who would still like the daily boosts and reminders, you may need to do a little bit of work and head over to where all the posts still live.
I very much hope that this is not goodbye for us. I am continuing to find ways to serve you better. To work and develop content that I hope will be valuable to navigate whatever challenges we may find ourselves in. [And on that note, am always open to your suggestions and questions which give me an insight on what is needed most].
One of the projects is going to be announced very soon so please do keep a watch out for it!
And PLEASE! Don’t be a stranger! Let us catch up via email and on social media.

With deep love appreciation and gratitude, continuing to
wish you a day full of positivity, purpose and peace.

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