Talk to the best listener(DW# 760)

Our verse for reflection today is from Chapter 12, Sura Yusuf (Joseph).

When Prophet Yusuf (as) is separated from his father Prophet Yaqub (Job) (as), Yaqub (as) is so grief stricken that his other sons fear for his life and wellbeing. To them, he replies:

I complain of my anguish and grief only to Allah [Holy Quran 12:86]

There are times in our lives when we are so distraught that we do not know where to turn. If we are lucky, we have good friends, family and others who can listen to us for a bit, who provide the much needed support and guidance at times when we are unable to make it through on our own. But we sometimes get frustrated when, despite their best intentions, they fail to truly "get us". Or we may be wary of stretching the limits of people’s goodwill and support. We are concerned that their patience with us will run out well before our troubles or grief have run it’s course.

At times like this, let us remind ourselves that His door is always...
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