Summary: The science and practice of flourishing (DW#999)

For the last several weeks, we have alhamdullilah, covered a lot of ground in discussing human flourishing and (hopefully) taking small and consistent steps to up level our mental and emotional wellbeing.
Today, let us remind ourselves that it is taking action, even if tiny, that will get us results.
So, what have you implemented? How did it go? Please do share your successes and challenges with anything at all that you may have learnt from Daily Wisdom.
Here is a list of the posts so you can revisit them if you wish. The actual posts live on the blog here and you can search to find what you are looking for:
(And do watch out for the next DW this week with a very important announcement!)
  • DW#956 The science and practice of flourishing
  • DW#957 What you must be
  • DW#958 You will not be the first (the first perfect human being)
  • DW#959 A foundation of virtue
  • DW#960 Our wellbeing matters
  • DW#961 What exactly does wellbeing mean?
  • DW#962 The good life versus the good mood
  • DW#963 The paradox of pursuing happiness
  • DW#964 Take on problems bigger than yourself
  • DW#965 Better than therapy
  • DW#966 The PERMA model of wellbeing
  • DW#967 Positive emotions are necessary but not sufficient for wellbeing
  • DW#968 Engagement
  • DW#969 More on engagement
  • DW#970 The supports for engagement
  • DW#971 Why focus on strengths?
  • DW#972 R is for relationships
  • DW#973 The relationship gym
  • DW#974 Who gets to enjoy you at your best?
  • DW#975 Put on those rose-coloured glasses
  • DW#976 To be authentic or aspirational in relationships?
  • DW#977 The Michelangelo phenomenon
  • DW#978 Strengths Conversations
  • DW#979 Turning a struggling relationship around
  • DW#980 Do the math
  • DW#981 M is for Meaning
  • DW#982 The power of meaning
  • DW#983 The crisis of meaninglessness
  • DW#984 The pillars of meaning
  • DW#985 The pillar of belonging
  • DW#986 The individual and the group
  • DW#987 The pillar of purpose
  • DW#988 Connecting your work to your purpose
  • DW#989 Finding purpose in nonpaid work
  • DW#990 The Future Project
  • DW#991 The pillar of transcendence
  • DW#992 The pillar of storytelling
  • DW#993 Reinterpreting your narrative
  • DW#994 Making meaning from adversity
  • DW#995 A is for achievement
  • DW#996 Learning to enjoy achievement
  • DW#997 Intrinsic versus extrinsic goals
  • DW#998 3 ways to develop accomplishment

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