A list of what you love (DW#539)

The first two marriage hacks we will explore consist of making lists. 
Today’s list is all about what you love about your spouse. 

Your list can include qualities and characteristics that you love and admire in your spouse. It can also include all of the moments in your relationship that confirmed for you that you wanted to be married to this person. It can include funny things and sad things and all the happy memories that you have, even if they are really really tiny. 
This is your list so feel free to put anything on there that is meaningful to you even if they would sound silly or meaningless to someone else. These are reminders for you of why you chose this person and why you want to keep choosing this person.

The way you met and got together. What about them or their personality first attracted you?
How they supported you in challenging times
The way they looked at you at a particular time
How they reacted at the birth of your first baby
A small kindness that they showed you

Some of the above may not apply to you or may in fact trigger bittersweet or sad memories. Just let these go for now. 

Focus on what you love or admire. And write them out. The list can be ongoing – you can add things that you remember later or even things that happen now. 

Give a title to your list and save it somewhere where you can access this easily. (A note-taking app on your smart phone is very useful for this)

Whenever you are angry or disappointed, or if you are doubting your commitment, open up the list and read through it. Allow your body to relax and release your anger. Feel the love and softness well up inside you at these memories. 

Of course, you can also access this list at random times to release the feel good and bonding hormones that strengthen  your attachment :)

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