Calming down your buzzing brain (DW#711)

Do you have nights when you toss and turn and are unable to switch off your mind? Nights when your mind keeps nagging you with to-do lists, with next tasks from unfinished projects, with worries, plans, doubts and replays of what you should not have said or even jingles and songs that stuck in your head in a never ending loop?

I find that when I am juggling too many things, when I have too many balls up in the air, my brain simply refuses to wind down in the night. In fact, the more exhausted I feel, the more alert it seems to get. Sigh.

Even though on nights like these, it seems that the entire world is asleep but me, it turns out that struggling to shut your brain down for the night is actually very normal.

After all, our brain is designed to be buzzing all the time to help us remember, anticipate, analyze, plan, problem-solve, and do all the things that make us productive humans. And of course, since we live in a society which seems to be on 24/7, it makes sense that our brain doesn’t quite get that it is time to wind down.

The good news is that we can try a few strategies to cajole this buzzing brain to stop for a bit – just enough that sleep can take over.

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