Challenging Cognitive Distortions Summary (DW#520)

Here are the 10 ways to challenge cognitive distortions that we have been exploring over the past few weeks. (and here is the link to catch up on any that you may have missed)

1)    Clear weeds from the garden of your mind [DW#508]
2)    Separate facts from interpretations [DW#509]
3)    Be an observer and develop a practice of thought watching. [DW#510 and DW#517]
4)    Explore what happened and what did you make it mean? [DW#511]
5)    Ask yourself if your interpretations are helpful. [DW#512]
6)    Come up with more helpful interpretations. [DW #513 & DW#514]]
7)    Ask yourself what your wisest friend would advice you in this situation?  [DW#515]
8)    Take the advice that you would give to a dear friend [DW#516]
9)    Develop and use a list of questions to challenge cognitive distortions [DW#518]
10) Choose happiness by focusing on the narrative that you want to live [DW#519]

Which is your go-to strategy for challenging unhelpful thoughts? Which is the most challenging? What have you noticed about yourself and this process over the last few weeks?

Remember that the more you engage in the process, the easier it will get. 

And with this, we have come to the end of this years’ Daily Wisdom email series! Wishing you and yours an enlightened holiday season! We will be back inshallah in January. 

In the meantime, 
1) Catch up or review any that you have missed at
2) Please do take a moment to share what your biggest takeaways have been. How is Daily Wisdom helping you live and love with positivity, purpose and peace? 
3) Take care of yourself, be kind to yourself and others. 

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