Do not forsake the Book(DW#747 )

In verse 30 of Sura Furqan, there is a complaint from the Holy Prophet (saw): And the Messenger cried out: O my Lord! Surely my people have treated this Quran as a forsaken thing. [Holy Quran 25:30]
The Holy Prophet (saw) spent about 23 years of his life preaching the message of the Quran in order to transform his society, to banish ignorance and oppression and to establish social justice. This complaint is made by him to his Lord that despite his best efforts, his community (and those to follow) abandoned the true message of the Quran.
The potential of the Quran is to transform the individual and the society. However, in order to do that, the message needs to be read, reflected upon, acted upon and reflected in behaviour.
While the recitation of the Quran is alive and well within Muslim communities all over the world, its message of hope, mercy, compassion and justice remains an illusive ideal even today.
What do we need to do individually and as a community so that we are not the subject of this complaint? How can we begin to live the message of the Quran in our daily lives?

Here is one way that we can begin "living the message":

An exercise in living the Quran

Take a few minutes to browse some verses of the Quran that call you to action.

1) Read and write the translation of the verse.

2) Jot down HOW you will live that ayat. If you were living your life according to the ayat, what would it look like? What would you be doing more of? Less of? How would you be feeling?

3) What are some barriers that you have or might face?

4) How will you overcome them?

5) What is your accountability process? How will you keep on track?

Take a few moments to do this but DO NOT over think it. It is a very effective exercise if done quickly and simply. If you find yourself telling a story about the exercise or finding ways why it will not work, STOP! Keep at it, keep writing even if your mind is telling you it is not going to work, or that you do not understand it.
When you are done, it should be a few simple (not necessarily easy though!) sentences.

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