Engagement (DW#968)

When was the last time you became so absorbed in what you were doing that you completely lost track of time? Chances are that this happened when you were absorbed in an activity which you were good at and enjoyed, but which was still somewhat challenging.

As we discussed in The Joy of Effort,  that while we sometimes yearn to "chill out" and do nothing, long periods of such inactivity do not add to our wellbeing and can in fact, divert us away from it.  

Engagement, which means spending time in activities in which you are completely immersed and this is often referred to as a state of "flow", is a very important aspect of wellbeing.
When we are in a state of flow, we tend to lose track of time and self-consciousness disappears. We are ‘in the zone.’ Our attention is completely engrossed, and we’re right on the edge of our skill level. This is key.  While we can lose track of time while mindlessly scrolling on social media, this passive consumption is not a state of flow.
Flow and engagement require effort on our part. It’s that sweet spot between challenge and ability where we become completely absorbed. The effort required fulfills our desire to master and makes us feel valuable and confident, adding to our wellbeing.

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