Find joy in it(DW#749 )

quran ramadan spirituality Apr 30, 2020
Earlier this week, we discussed verse 57 from Sura Yunus where Allah says that the Quran is an admonition, a cure, a guidance and a mercy for us.

Today’s verse is the one following that where it says: 
In that they should rejoice; it is better than that which they gather.[Sura Yunus, Chapter 10:58]
This verse reminds us that the Book is precious in providing us with healing and guidance and a potential source of joy.
Human beings are programmed to seek pleasure and happiness. However, we are not very good at recognizing what will bring us ultimate joy (lots of research on this – check out the DWs on Happiness). The things in which we pursue happiness tend to be shallow and fleeting at best. We adapt to our possessions and our experiences and they no longer provide us the pleasure that they once did.
What comes from Him though is lasting and meaningful, a source of hope, comfort, healing and good news. The advice in the Quran will help us lead the good life on this planet and lead to transcendent joy in the hereafter.
The message of the Quran gives us hope that our striving is never in vain. That every obstacle that we face, every challenge and test that we come across, if we bear with grace, patience and gratitude and follow the inner and outer guidance, we will be richly rewarded.
Scholars explain that the sources of joy in the Quran include:
1)   The recognition that the All-Powerful and All-Merciful is speaking to us directly in the Quran through the Holy Prophet (saw).
2)   The verses of the Quran bring hope and comfort to ease our suffering in this world. When we understand the fleeting nature of this existence, we are comforted by the reminder that our troubles are not in vain. That everlasting happiness awaits those who patiently persevere.
3)   The stories of the nations that have gone before remind us that we are not alone. That whatever is happening to us has happened before. They also guide us in navigating the challenges that we find ourselves facing. They provide comfort that the eventual destination of the oppressors is in His hands.
4)   The marvelous miracles of creation of the macrocosm and the microcosm that are richly described create awe and wonder within ourselves and cause us to reflect on the Grandeur of the Entity that created it all.  
May we all be lost in the treasures of the Quran, specially during this month and may our hearts be filled with wonder and awe of He who sent it down.

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