Focus on one goal at a time (DW #928)

If you are anything like me and a ton of others who get easily inspired, your mind is busy thinking of the many goals you could use the domino effect on.

Please stop right now. Trying to change too much at once is a recipe for overwhelm and burnout.

(I remember a coach telling me once: Yes, Marzia, you can have and do anything you want, just not ALL AT THE SAME TIME!! - wise woman!!)
So how about making a commitment and going all out on ONE thing. Not one HUNDRED things. ONE thing.

Pick whatever you want. Research says that you would benefit from making sure that you do something you actually want to do. Not a "should do".

And, you may want to consider doing something that would have a really positive benefit in many areas of your life. (We will discuss this more tomorrow inshallah)

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