Heed the reminder(DW#748 )

In Sura Muzzammil, [Chapter 73, Versem19], Allah says: This is indeed a reminder
This verse refers to the Quran where Allah says that He has sent a reminder to the people in the form of the Quran.
A reminder by definition means that it is confirming or reminding human beings of something that they already know. Scholars explain that the verses of the Quran confirm the truth that Allah has already placed within ourselves in the form of fitrah or natural instinct.
Our fitrah or higher selves are guided by our conscience. This is the internal guidance which is confirmed and supported by the external guidance in the form of the Quran.
Since human beings are easily distracted and forgetful, we need to be reminded of our true nature, our best selves and the potential that we can rise up to. The verses also remind us to keep the big picture in mind, the meaning and purpose of creation, that we are on this earth for only a brief sojourn, that our true home lies beyond and that we are accountable and need to use our time on this earth in a way that does not jeopardize our eternal abode.

Just as we use reminders to succeed in our everyday life, we can use the reminders in the Quran to keep ourselves on track in our journey through life and back to Him.

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