How not to forget your intention (DW#537)

Despite our best intentions (pun intended :) ) life gets in the way and it can be challenging to keep self growth and living our best selves in the fore front on a daily basis. 

If we do not engage with our intention frequently, it can be so easy to forget it completely. 

A very effective way to keep your intention alive and up-front for the year is to share it with others who support our wellbeing and growth. Sometimes though, we find that those who are closest to us are not on the same wavelength. While this can be discouraging and challenging, please do not let it stop you from progressing on your own path. 

The great thing about social media (despite its many downsides) is that we can find virtual communities of like minded people. If we use social media in an intentional way, it can be a great way to connect with others on the journey. You may find that virtual communities are incredibly generous and supportive when you reach out, share and are authentic. 

So go ahead. If you haven’t already done so, share your intention with our Instagram and FaceBook communities. 

And then reach out to at least three others and offer support and encouragement to help them actualize their intention. If you know them, it helps to visualize them as if they are living their intention.

Listening, talking and engaging like this is an awesome way to connect to fellow seekers on a much deeper level. Also, when we travel together, we can go much further. 

So here are some other ways of keeping our intention front and centre for this year: 

  • Reflect and journal on this question: If I was living my intention in the various domains of my life (health, work, relationships for example) how would I be behaving? What would I be doing differently?
  • Share it with one or two supportive friends and loved ones. In your real or virtual community. 
  • Encourage others to actualize their intention. Visualize them as living their intention. 
  • Write out the intention and post it in places where it is visible to you on a daily basis. On your computer, on the bathroom mirror, in  your car.
  • Reflect and journal on how your intention guided you (or did not) on a particular day. 

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