I’d love to get your opinion (DW#442)

There are so many decisions we make on a daily basis: about work, about the household, about our own schedule and about the family. 

While it is not realistic or feasible to seek counsel from our spouses or loved ones on every small decision, there are so many small and not-so-small decisions that impact the whole family. When we can ask our significant others for their input on decisions, it benefits the relationship in many ways: 

1)   It expresses trust in the other: Requesting someone’s thoughts on a matter lets the other person know how important his or her opinions are to you. By singling that person out as your go-to for advice, you’re expressing that you trust his or her judgment. The advice-giver will likely get a confidence boost, feeling like an expert in relationships, career advancement, or whatever else you need help with. 

2)   It is a sign of respect: What we do impacts those who are close to us. If we accept a promotion at work, for example, we may be less available on evenings and weekends. If we schedule an outing for the weekend, it may interfere with plans that others had. 

3)   It helps keep us on the same page and engaged in each other’s lives: When we consult each other, it keeps us updated on what is going on in the other person’s world and what is occupying their thoughts and attention. 

4)   We make better decisions: By consulting with others, we get a different perspective and insight and can make a more informed decision. We can better weigh pros and cons of a decision when we have a sounding board to bounce ideas off. 

5)   We have support in case the decision doesn’t turn out as we expected: when we involve others and seek advice before making a decision, others are more likely to support us in case something goes wrong.

So let’s practice asking for opinions and advice from our family members. We really don’t have to be the lone warrior in life!

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