I’m going on a sabbatical and you...(DW#725)

As we mentioned yesterday, a sabbatical is different from a vacation. It is a longer period away from work (anywhere from a month to a year or more) to step away from your regular job and focus on other meaningful activities.


Taking sabbaticals does require intentionality, some adjustment in your thinking, and of course planning and financial resources to see you through your time off.


The benefits of taking sabbaticals are really worth the effort, though.


Taking time off to switch gears, do some long range thinking, learn something new, or pursue other interests can rejuvenate you, not only personally, but also give your career a boost because you return with renewed energy and motivation. People who are about to take a sabbatical often find that they work harder and more effectively, knowing that a sabbatical is just around the corner.


I am going on sabbatical from Daily Wisdom until February to work on other projects and discover ways to serve you better. After a short break, archives of the DW wisdom emails will continue until I am back inshallah.

Do consider taking some time out for yourself. Taking a sabbatical is like any other activity or skill. You can make it happen if you set the intention. It does not have to be perfect and you can improve and refine it over time.

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