List of questions to challenge Cognitive distortions (DW#518)

It is very helpful to have a list of questions already prepared when we want to challenge our unhelpful thoughts and negative assumptions.

Here are 25 questions that we can choose from. When we notice our distorted thinking patterns, lets challenge the validity of these distortions. They can seldom hold up to this type of questioning.

·     Is this thought helpful?
·     What are the disadvantages of thinking this way? 
·     Do I have a trusted friend whom I can check out these thoughts with?
·     Are there other ways that I can think about this situation or myself?
·     Am I blaming myself unnecessarily?
·     Is it really in my control?
·     Is it all someone else’s fault? 
·     Am I overgeneralizing?
·     Am I making assumptions?
·     How can I test my assumptions/beliefs to find out it they’re accurate?
·     What would I say to a friend in this situation?
·     Can I look for "shades of gray"?
·     Am I assuming the worst?
·     Am I holding myself to an unreasonable or double standard?
·     Am I holding someone else to an unreasonable or double standard?
·     Are my expectations of myself or others realistic? 
·     Are there exceptions to these absolutes (always, never)?
·     Am I making this personal when it isn’t?
·     Is it possible that this has nothing whatsoever to do with me?
·     Could it be that the person I am angry at had no intention to harm me and may not even be aware that I am upset?
·     How is this line of thinking causing me to behave?
·     Is this way of thinking adding value to my life? Is it making me happy?
·     Is there another way to look at this situation which would enhance rather than compromise my emotional and mental wellbeing? 
·     What would be a more balanced way to look at this situation?
·     If I was a lawyer, how would I argue the other side? How persuasive an argument could I make for another perspective on this situation? 

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