Operationalize your intention (DW#536)

A huge thank you to all of you who showed up and bravely shared your intentions on social media. 

Grateful, shining, patience, forgiving, love, joyful, mindful, authentic, honest, helpful, proactive, consistent, peace, positivity, kindness, calm, vastness. These are just some of the inspiring intentions set by our fellow seekers and the Daily Wisdom tribe. You are awesome :) 

When we set our intentions, they are necessarily broad and abstract. That’s the point. We cannot micromanage how we will bring the intention to action on a daily basis when we are setting it.

However, once we have set the intention, we can dig a little deeper. This is the time to consider what it means to live our intention. 

So let’s reflect on the following questions:
·     If I was living my intention in the various domains of my life (health, work, relationships for example) how would I be behaving? What would I be doing differently?
·     How would it positively impact my life if I lived my intention?
·     How will living my intention transform my relationship with myself? With others? (I am guessing that many of us have intentions that will impact our relationships) 

So let’s take patience for example. How would I be behaving if I lived my intention of patience? What would I be doing differently? How would it impact my work? My health? My relationships? 

There are of course no right or wrong answers here. What it means for me to be patient may be vastly different than what it means for you to be patient. 

The key is engage with our intention. Wrestle with what it means to live it. And to keep coming back to it when we veer off track. 

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