Practice Acceptance (DW#717)

Here are the five strategies that we discussed to calm your busy mind:

1. Schedule a worry window

2. Download your thoughts

3. Slow down and engage your senses

4. Get out of your mind and into your body

5. Change the story

Today’s bonus tip: Practice Acceptance

If none of the strategies are working for you on any given night, please do not stay in bed and engage in resistance and self criticism for the fact that you cannot sleep.

Instead, get out of bed. And give up on your goal of sleeping for the moment.

Just get up and do something else. Leave the bed and even the bedroom if you have to. Read a few chapters of your book, clean out a closet or do something that you meant to do during the day. Experts believe that doing this is far more effective than lying in bed and getting increasingly frustrated about your inability to doze off.

Eventually, your body's sleepiness will override your busy brain and you will be become drowsy.

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