Reinterpreting your narrative (DW#993)

We said that human beings are natural storytellers and that we make meaning of our life events by constructing a narrative of our life experiences.
Creating a narrative from the events of our lives brings clarity and helps us understand how we became ourselves.
However, we may not realize that the process of storytelling involves interpreting facts and events and that we have the possibility of constructing empowering narratives in which we are the heroes that overcame challenges as opposed to disempowering narrative where we are the victims of circumstances.

In other words, we can edit, interpret, and retell our story, even though constrained by the facts, in a way that will help us rather than harm us. In a way that will empower us rather than disempower us.

To generate meaning through storytelling, reflect on an important and perhaps challenging event that has shaped who you are and the course of your life. How has this adversity helped you to come out the other side as a better version of yourself? What choices did you make, and which values did you draw on to navigate this challenge in a way that helped you grow?

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