Rest enough to do deep work (DW#698)

Before we get to today's DW, a few points of clarification from yesterday:
1) I am NOT a fan of Jeff Bezos
2) I am NOT a fan of Amazon or its oppressive business practices
And I still believe that we can learn from everyone. Although our definition and their definition of success may be vastly different, we can still appreciate the way CEOs of wealthy corporations manage their time and prioritize self-care.

I also wanted to re-iterate how blessed I feel when one or more of you engage with DWs and challenge what is expressed or hold me accountable for my words. When we build a community that cares enough to give valuable feedback and hold each other accountable, it can help us grow and remain humble and authentic - so a huge thank you!

And now, for today's DW!

Have you noticed, that you can get high quality work done in a shorter period of time when you are focused?

Cal Newport in his brilliant book, Deep Work has come up with an equation to explain this:

High Quality Work Produced = Time Spent x Intensity of Focus

If we are tired and not well rested, our intensity of focus greatly suffers and it takes us longer to get things done. Tasks that require concentration or creativity are the ones most impacted when we are not well rested.

Also, when we are tired, we tend to choose tasks which are not that demanding and tend to put off work that is meaningful but requires us to be at our best. Research shows that office workers do less challenging things like check voicemails and emails when they are tired. So while they might look and feel busy, the more important, demanding and higher value tasks get put on the back burner for another time.

What are you putting on the back burner (to be boiled at medium!) when you are tired from lack of sleep?

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