Simple tools for growing resilience (DW#726)

We will begin a series titled Simple Tools for Growing Resilience and I hope that these simple reminders and practices will inspire us and motivate us to keep going, focus on what we can control, rise up to the challenges and keep doing our best.
Let us first define what we mean by resilience:
Resilience is the ability to face adversity, to go through challenges without being overwhelmed by them. It is defined as the the capacity to manage challenge and to recover from adversity.

Simply put, it is the ability to face adversity and to "bounce back" after we have been knocked down by life.
In other words, resilience helps us:

1)    Face challenges without being overwhelmed by them AND
2)    If we are overwhelmed or ‘knocked down’, it helps us get back on our feet quickly.


Resilience, then, helps us survive the worst day of our life AND it also helps us thrive every day of our life.
Since life is full of small and big challenges, resilience is the key to sustained happiness or well-being.
The good news is that while some of us may naturally be more resilient than others, all of us can intentionally grow the psychological resources (inner strengths) that research shows are key in building resilience.
For today, reflect on situations in the past when you have faced adversity with courage and resilience.
What was the situation? How did you cope? What inner strength or resource helped you?
Take a moment to feel these strengths in your body now. Acknowledge and notice them as you go through the days ahead.
Many of us already have more inner resources than we often realize.

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