The gratitude visit (DW#653)

Yesterday we talked writing a letter to thank someone personally for the difference they have made in your life. Today, let us consider taking this practice one step further:

Instead of mailing or e-mailing the letter, consider visiting the recipient of your gratitude letter and reading the letter to them yourself.

Here is how to schedule a gratitude visit:

• Let the person know that you would like to meet with them to share something without being too specific about what it is. 

• When you meet this person, let them know that you are grateful to them and that you would like to read them a letter you wrote expressing your gratitude. Ask that they not interrupt you until you are done reading the letter. 

• Take your time reading the letter. While you read, pay attention to your reactions and the reactions of the recipient. 

• After you have read the letter, listen to his or her reaction to the letter and be ready to discuss your feelings together. 

• Remember to leave the letter with this person when you leave. 

• If a personal visit is not possible, consider connecting with them via FaceTime/Skype etc.

Before we end, let’s be honest: this exercise is challenging and may be even more difficult because in today’s world, we are becoming less and less used to interacting in person with others. And this is also why doing this can take your personal growth (and the emotional wellbeing of the recipient) to another level.

If reading the letter is way too out of your comfort zone, please do send it to them in any case. The awkwardness that you may feel in doing so will be so worth it for the outcome. You will be giving a gift to another of knowing that they matter and to yourself in the opportunity to experience what it is like to express your gratitude in a thoughtful, purposeful manner.

When I did my first gratitude letter and sent it out (before the days of video communication), I know that was a life transforming experience for myself. Although it was many years ago and I am not in touch with the person on a regular basis anymore, I will always remember how touched the other person was to receive this gift of appreciation and how it expanded my own heart to contribute to the wellbeing of another in this manner.

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