Traction vs. Distraction (DW#903)

All of us are familiar with the term distraction. Eval discusses a very interesting concept regarding the opposite of distraction.

Here is how he introduces it:  

"Imagine a line that represents the value of everything you do throughout your day. To the right, the actions are positive; to the left, they are negative.

On the right side of the continuum is traction, which comes from the Latin trahere, meaning ‘to draw or pull.’ We can think of traction as the actions that draw us toward what we want in life. On the left side is distraction, the opposite of traction. Derived from the same Latin root, the word means the ‘drawing away of the mind.’ Distractions impede us from making progress toward the life we envision".

So, Traction means "to draw or pull." In other words turning towards the kind of life you want.

And distraction? Distraction, means "drawing away of the mind."

In other words, you intend something, traction would be when you make progress towards what you want. And distraction would be when you are led away. You are meaning to complete something or work on something or be present with your family. Distractions would lead you away from what you meant to do and where you meant to be.

Traction vs. Distraction. Cool, right?

Let’s draw that metaphorical (or real!) line on the piece of paper that is our day. On the right we have all those positive things we do during the day. On the left, the negative.

Remember: Traction vs. Distraction. Do we have the tendency to move towards what we want or are we led away by distractions?

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