WIN-ing (DW #935)

David Reynolds explains that the most profound sense of confidence in ourselves comes from being the type of person who can get themselves to do what needs to get done whether they feel like it or not.

(And by the way, we have all experienced this in some areas of our lives . . .we go to work, take the children to school, cook for the family, pay our bills – all whether we feel like it or not)

Reynolds gives us a very practical question to use in those moments when we’re not quite feeling our best but need to act like we are.

It’s super simple.. and very powerful . . . .

“Now what needs to be done?”

(Another way to ask this is: What’s Important Now W.I.N)

That’s it. Doesn’t matter how we feel. We just need to ask that question.

“Now what needs to be done?”

And then, of course, we need to do it.

So please try this in a moment of wavering commitment. When you simply don’t feel like doing what you are committed to.

Ask: Now what needs to be done?


What’s Important Now?

And keep WIN-ing.

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