What advice would you give to a dear friend? (DW#516)

This week, continue our conversation on challenging unhelpful, negative or distorted thinking. 

We have talked about how valuable it can be to consult with a friend when our negative thoughts are getting the best of us. 

Sometimes, however, such a friend is not at hand, for whatever reason. What do we do then?

We can access our own inner wisdom by asking ourselves: what would we tell a friend or a younger sibling in this situation? 

Many of us are very good advice-givers. Superb advice-givers, in fact. 

When someone who is emotionally charged or triggered comes to us, we can look at the situation without the emotional triggers and come up with a balanced perspective. We can see the pros and cons of thinking this way and come up with helpful suggestions on how to combat this negative perspective (especially if we have been reading Daily Wisdom regularly ;) ) 

So while we have all inner knowledge, it can be hard to apply it to our own situation – unless we become intentional about it. 

So be a good friend to yourself. And to your relationships. 

And ask yourself what advice would you give a friend who was in this situation.

What advice would you give them to counteract this thought process? What is the evidence and the situations that they may be overlooking to keep them locked in this thinking loop? How can they live up to their best selves, how can they act based on their core values rather than react from anger or upset in the moment? 

Getting into dialogue with ourselves can be REALLY helpful to gain a fresh perspective on any situation. 

Have you come up with a whole lot of really good advice? 

Great! Now it is up to you to follow your own best advice! 

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