What’s your excuse? (DW#389)

Can you think of at least one area in your life where there is room for growth and where you know you need to make changes but you haven’t made any progress yet?

In The 15 invaluable Laws of Growth John Maxwell outlines some gaps and limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in unhealthy ways and stop us from reaching our full potential.

Here are the 7 "gaps" that he identifies:

The Assumption Gap—I assume that I will automatically grow. 
The Knowledge Gap—I don’t know how to grow.

The Timing Gap—It’s not the right time to begin.

The Mistake Gap—I’m afraid of making mistakes. 
The Perfection Gap—I have to find the best way before I start. 
The Inspiration Gap—I don’t feel like doing it.

The Comparison Gap—Others are better than I am.

The Expectation Gap—I thought it would be easier than this. 

You know the domains and growth areas that we identified a couple of days ago? Just go back to that list and consider which of these is your go-to excuse? 

I have two go-to excuses in the physical/health domain: 
The perfection gap: I often tell myself that I need to know more, to research absolutely everything about a way of eating or exercising before I can take a single step. As a result of which I could probably do a PhD or write a book on diet plans and exercise regimens. Has it made me any fitter? Nope!

My second go-to excuse is the timing gap: It is NEVER the right time now. The right time is always in the future – in the undetermined, distant future. Sigh. 

Oh I do think it should be easier than it is. It is sooo unfair that we have to eat healthy and work out all the time or most of the time. I really believe that eating should be a consequence-free pleasure. So I guess that is three excuses. 

What about you? What is your ‘favourite’ limiting belief/s? Which of the above keeps you stuck? Name it to tame it!

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