What’s your intention? (DW#532)

For some people, setting specific goals can feel too limiting. This can be especially so if you are in a time in your life when you want to be open to new possibilities or if you are going through a period of uncertainty, transition, change and discovery. At times like this, setting goals (at least in some domains of our life) can feel overwhelming or simply not do-able. 

At times like this, instead of setting specific goals, consider setting an intention for how you are going to show up in your life this year. 

You might be asking: What exactly is the difference between goals and intentions?

To put it briefly, while a goal is a desired outcome in the future, an intention is about how we commit to showing up in our life everyday and in every moment, regardless of what is happening around us. 

It is a guiding principle or value that we act from, and it is very much based in the present moment (as opposed to the future)
So while a goal might be to get a certain job, to achieve a health milestone or to commit to a long term relationship, an intention might be to be accountable in my life. This intention will impact all areas of my life and can also be a compass of sorts, guiding my next action. 

An intention then, can be lived daily and returned to at any moment, regardless of whether or not our specific goals are met. 
For example, an intention related to relationships might be "I intend to relate with honesty and speak up for what is true for me". This would be a guiding principle in all my relationships regardless of whether or not my ultimate goal of being in a committed romantic relationship is met or not. 

So please consider setting an intention for this year, instead of, or in addition to having specific goals that you are working towards. 

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