What were some lessons learnt this year? (DW #853)

This is, of course, a great exercise to do every year but in this "CoVid year", it is more important than ever. When things are changing and challenging, it can be hard to take a step back and take stock because we are so busy dealing with the situation as it unfolds. But now it has been many months and if we have not paused and reflected yet, it is time to do so!

So what are some of the persons lessons you have learnt this year? Realizations that you have come to?

While you are writing them down, it is effective to do so in short, positively worded statements.
  1. Here are some examples:

    I learnt that in challenging times it pays to focus on simple daily rituals to keep me grounded.
  2. I learnt that there are always, ALWAYS things to be grateful for. When things are challenging, it helps to focus on the beauty of nature, the smiles of babies and cute kitten videos :) .
  3. I learnt that things that I used to diss (social media and technology) can become lifelines. One more lesson in how I need to hold opinions lightly!
  4. I learnt that self-care practices are CRUCIAL when dealing with crisis. Moving, ESPECIALLY when I do not feel like it, is key to mental as well as physical resilience.
  5. I learnt that life is too short not to splurge on small luxuries such as fresh flowers or perfumed soap.
  6. I learnt that reaching out to others who are struggling helps keep things in perspective. It also adds meaning to my life when I am struggling to find meaning and purpose amidst chaos.
  7. I learnt that cleaning out closets and organizing the home is an amazing mental health intervention!! (I also learnt that I wayyyy too many THINGS and many of these cause stress rather than joy).
Do you feel like sharing some of your life lessons from this year? I would love to hear them!

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