Why we like grateful people (DW#629)

Yesterday we discussed how gratitude makes us likable. Today let’s explore this a little further. Author LaDonna Greiner explores the question of what exactly makes grateful people popular and likeable.

Here are some reasons she gives:

1. Grateful people make good teammates.

Grateful people are more likely to pitch in to support their team and do so in a gracious manner since they appreciate the contribution, skills and talents of others. Grateful people recognize that their success rests on the shoulders of many other people.

2.Grateful people share.

They realize that when you give to others in a sincere and pure manner, it comes back to you tenfold. Thankful people are 20% more generous with their time and money than those who are ungrateful.

We like people who share, whether it’s skills or food, insights or a favourite book. Sharing is a likeable trait. Gratitude helps us feel generous and generosity increases popularity.

3. Grateful people create connections.

Greiner believes that a person with a true attitude of gratitude "exudes an aura". Their pleasant impression draws others from across a room. People want to connect with grateful people. And it doesn’t stop there. Grateful people help others expand their network.
We all like introductions to people who can help us and whom we can help. We especially appreciate the person who introduces us to others with whom we become friends.

5. Grateful people are empathetic.

Gratitude helps us to think outside ourselves. It encourages us to understand how the other person feels. Grateful people say things like, "I can imagine how excited you are" or "I’m so happy for you" or "That must have been difficult." People are drawn to those who understand them.

6. Grateful people are likely to appreciate and encourage others.

Kindness and encouragement can take relationships, and performance, to the next level.

It takes only a few words to convey support for a friend, employee, or child, but it can mean so much to the other person.

Greiner says that taking the time to express encouragement to others will make your likability soar more than anything else.

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