A beautiful prayer (DW# 778)

When we begin making lists of people we owe apologies to, it may cause a lot of distress, especially if the people involved are no longer around or in touch with us (I think of all the teachers at school that I gave a hard time to, Nannies that I may have been sassy with . . . ).

What do we do then? What if we cannot get in touch with them?
One way is to earnestly pray for them.
It is a good general habit to specifically include two groups of people to remember in our prayers:
1) Those who have done us favours, taught us, served us, shown us kindness or made our life better in any way
Those whom we may have bothered, hurt or harassed (remembering of course that if you know a specific situation and the person is around, it is better to ask forgiveness in person) that we may have forgotten about or are not in touch with.

There is a beautiful section in the supplication Dua Tauba in the Sahifa Sajjadiya which says:

O Allah, counted against me are claims (from people) that stay in my memory
and claims that I have forgotten,
while all of them remain in Your eye that does not sleep
and Your knowledge that does not forget!
So, compensate their owners, lighten their load upon me, lift up their weight from me, and preserve me from approaching their like!

This is such a beautiful way to make amends by invoking His blessings upon those that we have hurt and reminding ourselves to be mindful of hurting people in the future.

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