A never ending series of baby steps (DW #948)

We have been talking about the power of action and taking baby steps towards our goal.
Now sometimes our goals are very clear and defined and at other times, not so defined.

If the overarching purpose of our life is to live the good life and be the best version of ourselves, when and how do we reach this goal? And how many (hundreds of thousands) of baby steps is it going to take??
Great question! And no answer!! (Btw, have you noticed how great questions never have easy answers :) )
Here is a more helpful way to think about it, an idea also borrowed from Phil Stutz:

We need to embrace the fact that self development and the good life (and every project, thing and relationship within that good life is) an ENDLESSLY EVOLVING PROCESS.

  • Endlessly: As in, it will NEVER end. Nope we are never done working on ourselves. We need to do this EVERY SINGLE DAY.
  • Evolving: The whole point of life (according to spiritual teachings and many philosophers) is to actualize our potential — that is, to EVOLVE into the next-best version of ourselves. Q: How long does it take to take there? Ans: As much time as we have here on this planet. In other words, the journey only ends with our time here.
  • Process: It’s all a PROCESS. Which, as we say repeatedly, is something which is in our circle of control. It is those actions and baby steps that we can take in this very moment. Better to focus on the baby steps than obsess about and get attached to the outcomes of that process. The length of the journey is unknown to us and so we also do not know how far we will be able to travel.  
So: the bad news. Your journey towards growth:
  • Endlessly.
  • Evolving.
  • Process.
You will never quite make it to the destination. (sorry!)
And the good news: Your journey towards growth:

  • Endlessly.
  • Evolving.
  • Process.
Of taking baby steps.

When you take that baby steps, you are practicing living that "evolving process". And so as long as you are taking those baby steps, you are already there in a sense.

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