A prayer for forgiveness (DW# 914)

We have been discussing how mocking and making fun of others is disliked by Him and is poisonous to our relationships.
As we become aware of this tendency within ourselves, it is possible that we begin to feel rather awful about what we have done in the past and how we may have hurt others and displeased God.
As always, the precious words of the Supplications of the Sahifa Sajjadiya come to our rescue.
Here is an excerpt from the Supplication for Monday from Du‘ās for the Days of the Week

"O Allah . . . I ask You concerning the complaints of Your servants against me: If there is a male or female servant from among Your servants, who has against me a complaint because I have wronged him in respect to himself [or herself], his reputation, his property, his wife or his child, evil words I have spoken about him in his absence, an imposition through inclination, caprice, scorn, zeal, false show, bigotry, whether he be absent or present, alive or dead, such that my hand has fallen short any my capacity has been too narrow to make restitution to him or to annual my obligation to him/her.

I ask You, O He who owns all objects of need - which are granted by His will and hasten to His desire -that You bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad, (and) make [the one I have wronged] satisfied with me in the manner that You will, and give me mercy from Thee"!


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