Actions and results (DW #924)

Yesterday, we spoke about being the "trimtab" to the ship of change in society.

The point was that if we focus on making small changes, the tide will eventually turn, and the ship will change direction.
Here is a reality that we do need to confront though: we never have any control on the outcome of what we work towards. NEVER. We may do our best and the harsh truth is that we may not be able to see results in our lifetime.
And thankfully, we are not held accountable for results – only our efforts. Only for the actions we take towards being a force for good and making this a better world for all.
And when we are feeling discouraged, let us remind ourselves that even the most beloved servants of God are not held accountable for results. The Holy Prophet (saw) is reminded over and over in the Quran that his job was to simply deliver the message. Getting people to believe and do good was outside his circle of control.
And similarly, we are not held accountable for results.
So, let’s not let the feeling of overwhelm deter us from taking action.
Let us focus on what we CAN do as opposed to being overwhelmed by the enormousness of the tasks ahead.

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