Be a force for good

Sura Maidah (5:2) says: O, You who believe . . . help one another in goodness and piety.

Reflection: Cooperating with others in goodness is one of the basic principles for a society build on spiritual and ethical values. When people of faith work together, they motivate and provide encouragement and enthusiasm for each other. The energies of the universe synchronize to further a cause which is thus initiated.

Why? All of us have different and complementary talents. When we cooperate and work together as a team, we create synergy, which is an interaction of multiple elements to produce a result greater than the sum of their individual effects. To put it simply, when two people combine different talents to cooperate on a worthy project, their efforts produce the equivalent not of four people but rather the work of twentytwo.

How: Sometimes we want to go it alone, either because we find it difficult to work with others, or because we want the limelight of good actions on ourself. Or we may have become habituated to become critical of what others are doing.

At times like this, let us remind ourselves of this verse. Let us look around and see what good there is already happening. We can reach out and support initiatives that are already in place.

There is something uniquely satisfying in cooperating in good actions and becoming part of a force for goodness.

This verse in action: if we were living this verse, we would be actively looking to support good causes that come our way. We would offer our skills and talents to others who may be struggling to get a project started or funded. We would be enthusiastic about opportunities to become part of a force for good. We would be happy to contribute our time, effort and skills to lend a hand or a word of encouragement to someone working for social change.

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