Connecting your work to your purpose (DW#988)

How do you spend your days?
For people who work outside the home, the bulk of the time is spent at their place of business or employment.
If you are in a service profession, it can be easy to connect how what you do helps others. A survey involving 2 million participants found that those who considered their jobs to be meaningful were involved in careers such as English teachers, radiation therapists, school administrators, veterinarians and other roles that involved serving others.
Those of us who are involved in professions where the connection to helping others is not so obvious, need not despair of finding our purpose. Creating a life of meaning and purpose is a personal journey and you can connect the dots for yourself.
Are you involved in manufacturing kitchen equipment? Doing road works? The financial industry? A car dealership?
Changing your focus and connecting to the final user and becoming mindful of how you are contributing to making their lives easier is an excellent way to creating meaning and purpose in what you are already doing.
So, do take a moment and become present to the beneficiaries of your hard work. And see how it changes the way you engage in your work.

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