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Reading the Quran

This is the second habit that we developed during the month of Ramadan – a daily practice of recitation and reflection on the message.

To succeed in any area of life, the first step is knowledge about the rules that govern that area. We do not expect to excel at academics or in the workplace without reading the texts that govern the particular field. Similarly, we cannot expect to succeed in this world, get to know the system of cause and effect, to know ourselves or figure out how to achieve ultimate success in the hereafter without looking at the manual gifted to us by the Creator of the system.

Although we may have spent much time in recitation during the month of Ramadan, an ongoing relationship with the Quran necessitates understanding, contemplation and action. Only with understanding and reflection can we use the wisdom in of the Book to improve our life here and beyond.

Baby steps:

Read and reflect on one ayat of the Quran every day. Once again, it is important to start small so that it is sustainable in the long term. One verse a day means that we will have read and understood 365 verses at this time next year. Small steps add up. The journey of a thousand miles, as they say, begins with a single step.
When reading a verse which calls to action, make a note of how you could respond through action. If you acted on this verse, what would you be doing differently? We have focused on this practice throughout the past few weeks. Hopefully we are inspired by the stunningly modern message of this timeless Book. Hopefully we are a little more in love with it now. Hopefully we can see the practical ways that the Book can guide us in our everyday lives.

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