Developing a personal relationship with the Quran

Today we begin a series of conversations on the love letter of the Divine to mankind – the Holy Quran. His word, sent to comfort and guide us through our life on this planet until we meet Him.

What does the Quran mean to you?

What role does it play in your daily life?

Does it guide you when you are confused, stop you from harm, encourage you towards good, comfort you when you are distressed, heal you when you are sick?

In Sura Isra (17:82), Allah says: We send down from the Quran what is a cure and a mercy to the faithful.

Such a beautiful verse. The medicine is here. But often we are so enraptured with the wrapping of the medicine that we do not unwrap and ingest it so that it may heal us spiritually, emotionally and physically.

So let us unwrap this medicine and partake of its healing mercy by developing a close personal relationship with the Quran.

Let's see how we can do this as simply and practically as possible.

We will, In sha Allah, be covering some action verses of the Quran in the next few weeks that talk about personal growth and self development.

In the meantime, here is a simple and practical way to start your own study of the Quran.

Take a few minutes to browse some verses of the Quran that call you to action.

1) Read and write the translation of the verse.

2) What is the verse telling you

3) Why? What are the benefits? What is in it for you, today, in modern life, to act upon this verse?

4) Jot down HOW you will live that ayat. If you were living your life according to the ayat, what would it look like? What would you be doing more of? Less of? How would you be feeling?

5) What are some barriers that you have or might face?

6) How will you overcome them?

7) What is your accountability process? How will you keep on track?

Take a few moments to do this but DO NOT over think it. It is a very effective exercise if done quickly and simply.

If you find yourself telling a story about the exercise or finding ways why it will not work, STOP! Keep at it, keep writing even if your mind is telling you it is not going to work, or that you do not understand it.

When you are done, it should be a few simple (not necessarily easy though!) sentences.

This whole exercise should not take more than a few minutes a day. Putting it into practice, may ofcourse take a lifetime!


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