Engage in life not just work (DW#969)

For those of us who are workaholics, it can be easy to think that the E in PERMA means to engage in and give your full attention to your work, to excel at it and to live just at the edge of your comfort zone.

While all of the above are true and do create flow, we can imagine how giving your all only to your work (or even hobbies for that matter) will not lead to holistic wellbeing.
In order to flourish, we need to engage in all aspects of our life including work, health, relationships, and service.  We can create more and more moments of flow as we stretch toward goals that matter and give our best self to every moment.

In other words, when we work, we work. When we play, we play. When we pray, we pray. When we are with loved ones, we connect and be present. We engage in life by being fully present in each moment of our lives and giving it our best.

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