Goal setting to the now (DW #953)

Yesterday we chatted about the concept of reverse engineering your goals.
Today, let’s look at this from Gary Keller’s perspective. He calls it "Goal Setting to the Now". Here is how puts it in his book, The One Thing:
"Goal Setting to the Now will get you there. (to your big goal)
By thinking through the filter of Goal Setting to the Now, you set a future goal and then methodically drill down to what you should be doing right now. It can be a little like a Russian matryoshka doll in that your ONE Thing "right now" is nested inside your ONE Thing today, which is nested inside your ONE Thing this week, which is nested inside your ONE Thing this month. . . . It’s how a small thing can actually build up to a big one. You’re lining up your dominoes."

Keller says "Connect today to all your tomorrows. It matters."

How? By connecting this moment to your long term vision.

SO. This is a VERY powerful way (and doable) way to set up success on your long term goal.

We all have "Someday goals". What is something (or as he says the ONE THING) that you want to do someday?

Tie that back to your Five-Year Goal. What’s your ONE Thing for 5 years out that’s tied to your Someday Goal?

Connect that to your One-Year goal. What’s your ONE Thing for this year that’s tied to your 5-Year Goal?

Now, connect that to your Monthly Goal. Your ONE Thing that supports your Yearly Goal?

Let’s tie that to your Weekly Goal. ONE Thing that you can do this week in service of your long term goal.  

Keep going - Your ONE Thing Daily Goal that’s connected to your Weekly Goal?

And so, you arrive at THIS MOMENT.

So, let’s tie it all together. Based on your Daily Goal, what’s the ONE Thing you can do RIGHT NOW that would best serve that Daily Goal? … which, of course, best serves that Weekly Goal which best serves the Monthly Goal which best serves the One-Year Goal which best serves the Five-Year Goal which best serves the Someday Goal?

Over to you now.

Want to work on your health? What can do you right now?

Want to read more? How about starting at this minute?
Want to improve your relationships? Work on your next interaction.

What can you do right now in the service of that long term goal?

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