Guiding stars and distant shores (DW #949)

Yesterday we spoke about how the journey of self-growth is an endlessly evolving process. And our role in that process is to keep moving, to keep taking baby steps in that process.
Today let us explore two more takes on this same idea.

The first one comes from Tal Ben-Shahar book The Pursuit of Perfect where he tells us that our ideals are more like "guiding stars" than "distant shores."
When we think we are chasing distant shores, we are focused on the outcome, on the destination (not always helpful) instead of being focused on the journey.
It can be so helpful to think of our ideal selves and the good life as guiding stars. Guiding stars show us where to go, they point us in a general direction, tell us what to do in the moment, which choice to make to go towards our aspirations and ideals.

In other words, in which direction to take our baby steps.
Our second nugget is from Carl Rogers, the founder of humanistic psychology, who said: "The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination."

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