Intentions for ourselves and prayers for others(DW#30)

productivity spirituality Nov 03, 2016

When we are interacting with others in life, it is not enough to have intentions for ourselves. Even if we are mindful in every interaction, and have a strong intention to show up in a purposeful way, we need to address the role of the other in the interaction.

While we cannot make intentions for the other, we can certainly say a prayer for them. A prayer that their intentions are realized in the most perfect way.

This is not an agenda or a goal. Once again, it is creating the space for God and the Universe to work a synchronistic outcome that allows both people in an interaction to fulfill their needs, desires and intentions.

Let us take an example. I am in a business (or community work) meeting discussing a potential future project for the organization.

My intention would be to be open to possibilities and allow myself to fully consider all suggestions and opinions so that the best possible outcome could be discovered. My prayer for the others in the meeting would be that they can also be fully open to possibilities and consider all suggestions so that the possible outcome could be discovered.

My prayer for the organization would be that everyone shows up in their most productive selves so that the needs of the organization can be met in the best possible way, beyond what anyone can currently imagine.

This is such a powerful way to interact. It is not about having an agenda or a specific outcome. It is about doing your best, creating the space to allow others to do their best and then allowing the synchronistic powers of the Universe to work their magic.


May you have a day full of positivity, purpose and peace

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