Keep the flow going(DW# 805)

ihsan mindfulness quran Sep 25, 2020
Yesterday, we discussed how the Creator has done Ihsan on the human being by making him in the best of makes, full of potential and it is his work to live up to this potential.

The Quran also reminds us that the obligation extends to include others in the bounties that we have been granted.
In Sura Qassas (the stories), we are reminded:
and do good (to others) as Allah has done good to you [Holy Quran 28:77].
This is part of a longer verse where people are advising Korah, a very wealthy and arrogant man, to not be arrogant, to use his wealth for good and to do act with Ihsantowards others just as God has acted with Ihsantowards him.


The verse reminds us that sometimes Allah gives man some great bounties much beyond his own needs so that he can pass them forward. That the gifts and bounties that we have been freely granted well beyond our own efforts are not to stop with us but in fact to be used in the service of humanity. That we are in fact merely conduits through which others are resourced, keeping the flow going and passing them forward.


So let us reflect on all that we have been granted in terms of financial and non financial resources and abilities.
How can we use these todo good (to others) as Allah has done good to us?

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