Know what you are aiming(DW #827)

This week, we are exploring Ben Franklin’s program for self growth.


The first thing that he did was he made a list of virtues that he wanted to grow within himself.


While the words that he used may be a slightly outdated, the virtues themselves are mostly timeless and we could benefit from adopting many of them in our lives.


Here is Franklin’s list of 13 virtues:


·      Temperance: moderating eating and drinking


·      Silence: speaking only when it benefits others or yourself


·      Order: letting everything have its place


·      Resolution: resolving to do what you should; doing without fail what you resolve


·      Frugality: being careful with money and resources; wasting nothing


·      Industry: working hard but efficiently


·      Sincerity: meaning what you say; saying what you mean


·      Justice: wronging no one, either by what you do or don’t do


·      Moderation: avoiding extremes and letting go of grudges


·      Cleanliness: keeping your body, clothes, home, and workspace clean


·      Tranquility: calmly accepting small misfortunes that are common and unavoidable


·      Chastity: moderating sexual activity


·      Humility: imitating ‘Jesus and Socrates’"


A "Moral Perfection Project." Rather inspiring, don’t you think?


Reading these one cannot help but notice where we may have some work to do!

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