Learning to enjoy achievement (DW#996)

Last week, we started discussing how achievement and accomplishment fits within the definitions of the PERMA model and said that Accomplishment/Achievement is described as a way of reflecting on the attempts of doing something, and the degree in which it provides a positive sense of accomplishment or achievement.
Like meaning and purpose, experiencing a sense of accomplishment or achievement is very subjective and can mean different things to different people.
The good news is that with awareness and intention, we can learn to foster and savour a sense of accomplishment and add to our own wellbeing.
Firstly by learning to acknowledge our goals and our sense of accomplishment, not to compare to others’ goals and accomplishments. This may be challenging for some of us who have the belief that we must always be hard on ourselves and that it is somehow arrogant to acknowledge that we have achieved something.
Here’s the thing: this is not about showing off or comparing ourselves to anyone else. It is about acknowledging that we used the gifts that He endowed us with and have used them in a useful way. Always with His blessing and tawfeeq.
Second, there is a wonderful concept in positive psychology called "to savor", or "to relish in the moment". Once we accomplish something, let us take a moment to pause and appreciate the good feelings that come with this. Let us metaphorically pat ourselves on the back and celebrate our success for just a second before moving on to the next task.
Doing this in a regular way is very rewarding and energizing and it greatly motivates us to keep the good feelings going by doing more and accomplishing more.
Please try it!

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