Let’s get specific (DW #930)

Three things to keep in mind when formalizing your micro goal or habit.
  • Make it specific: What exactly will you be doing, where and at what time?
    E.g. I will do 5 jumping jacks before I step into the shower in the morning
  • Make it an everyday thing rather than on certain days. Habit experts tell us it is MUCH easier to succeed if you plan to do something every day without fail rather than something you do occasionally.
  • Make it REALLY easy. So easy that Like crazy easy. Stephen Guise tells us we want to create "mini habits" that are "too small to fail." He offers the brilliant advice that we shouldn’t say we’re going to work out for 30 minutes a day, we should say we’re going to do ONE push up per day. We shouldn’t say we’re going to meditate for 60 minutes per day. We should commit to ONE minute per day. Don’t say you will write for an hour per day. Write for a minute per day.
In other words, go small. Go micro. Make it REALLY REALLY easy to win. And REALLY REALLY REALLY hard to fail.
Make it so easy that you can win even on the days you feel the worst. And it it is so easy that it feels silly to skip it.

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