[Over] thinking and doing (DW #947)

Today’s wisdom comes from Phil Stutz who teaches us this exercise to get out of our heads.  

He says:

  • "Draw a horizontal line. Above that line, put ‘Thinking Space.’ Below the line, put ‘Work Space.’"
  • "You know what the ‘Thinking Space’ is good for?" (do you have a good answer to this? Me neither!)
  • "NOTHING. Nothing happens in the Thinking Space."

Of course, planning, reflecting, taking a perspective, strategizing are all thinking tools which are vital for us to take wise action.

However, using these tools exclusively will not bring about change in our lives or improvement in our circumstances.
The fact is that nothing actually HAPPENS until we take action, use what we have learnt and act on it.
I don’t know about you, but I love to hang out in the Thinking Space.
And need to remind myself to get down into the Work Space. Action Space. And do something. Anything.
Let’s get to work.

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